Gongs Unlimited Chinese Gongs

Gongs Unlimited Chinese Gongs
The great Chinese gongs you've always loved from GONGS UNLIMITED!

The Chinese Culture has been making and using gongs for over 1000 years, for many different purposes: music, royal announcements, religious rituals, celebrations, theater.

Gongs Unlimited's brand, UNLIMITED, has all the traditional Chinese gongs, as well as our unique gongs that no one else makes like the Mother Tesla, Dark Star, Chocolate Drop, Atlantis and the Asteroid Belt.

Gongs Unlimited - whose staff is reincarnated gong makers, tuners and musicians, shamans and percussionists - is your time tunnel between Ancient and Modern, your bridge between Orient and Occident, your hearing aid to the quiet before the Big Bang.

Let us help you get your perfect gong. Call or email us with questions! Thanks.