Gongs with Spiritual Symbols

Gongs with Spiritual Symbols
This section is ever-evolving and growing whilst reminding us all of the eternal truths.

While religions have been used as cloaks by people to cover up actions that are certainly less-than-holy, like wars, genocides, slavery, prejudice of many kinds, etcetera... when you forgive them, and forgive yourself for having participated in such in other incarnations, you can look deeper, and find some solace, serenity, and healing in various religions. As we evolve to greater awareness, we can see that the religious groups are merely extensions of where we are in our soul growth as a species. (And as you look around at them, you can see we are in various spaces.)

But no matter what religion you have associations with, remember it is from looking within where you will find your connection with the Divine.

These gongs and their symbols can help you connect to your center, with whichever path you resonate with currently.

As Sonia, one of our customers said:
Embrace the sound of a gong and find thy innermost song.

Have other spiritual symbols that are important to you?

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