Singing Bowls and Ching Bowls (Temple Bowl Gong)

Singing Bowls
They are great musical objects as well as having their own profound healing and meditation tones.

Back in the day, many Buddhist monks used their singing bowls not only for performing shamanic rituals and healing in the mountains of Tibet, Nepal, and India, they also begged with them for food. That is why traditional ones are not that large.

THE MALLETHEADS KNOW THIS: It's not only the bowl, it's the bowler. What we mean is, it's more about where you are coming from--your intent, and what energies you are working with--than the perfection of the object.

If you're ready to center yourself, or heal yourself and others with tone and sound, then YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT more than the bowl.

And GOD WILL BE THERE TO BOWL WITH YOU. With the Creator on your BOWLING TEAM, you'll be throwing strikes in no time. It's that simple!