Zildjian & Sabian Brand Gongs, Mallets, Stands, & More

Gongs Unlimited is honored and very, very happy to be able to offer you GONGS from two of the world's leading brands of percussion, SABIAN and ZILDJIAN.

How fancy are these gongs? Well, you can see a Zildjian Gong at the Kennedy Center Honors show for Led Zeppelin in the video below.

These two brands of high quality percussion are intertwined by family and history.

The Zildjian line of cymbals began in the 1600's in Turkey and then came to North America in the early 20th Century, and did very well, but somewhere in the late 20th Century, family inheritance (primogeniture) and differing business styles of siblings caused a rift, which then led to one of the Zildjian brothers leaving and creating Sabian in the early 1980s.

Either way, you are getting high quality percussion. The larger Chinese gongs of Sabian and all of Zildjian Gongs are now made in China, not North America, but they are approved by these companies.