Gong Newsletter

Gong Newsletter
Welcome to our occasional newsletter about all things related to gong, gong music, and cutting edge sound healing and acoustic research.

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Please notice the word occasional in the above paragraph. We ain't about annoying people. And we're not just sending emails wantonly to everyone who visits this site. You have to have shown interest in our gongs by doing something like buying a gong, or by requesting to receive our newsletter.

We think that our customers would like to know when we've found an amazing new gong, or have an interview with an incredible musician or sound healer. And maybe even, welcome an exclusive discount on one of our products.

You can be Chuck Barris and hit the gong on us!

So if you receive one of our occasional newsletters and you decide you would rather not receive one ever again, no matter how occasional it is, then just follow the directions to unsubscribe and we'll stop sending them to you.

It's that easy. Life is too short to read emails you don't want.

We'd rather you sit listening to the beautiful gong you bought from us.

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Anything you want to know about gongs? Let us know, and we will find out that answer. And if it's valuable, we will share it with the gong community.

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