Oetken 36" Water Gong

Oetken 36" Water Gong
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Oetken Water Gong

Play or listen to this water gong up close and you cannot help but experience the energy of the element in your mind and body. Your cells will become aware of their liquid, you will see images from your mind's eye of various types of water. You will be inspired and remedied by the sound and by water....

Water, besides being a sustainer of our life, can be an experience of sound with extreme polarities. It ranges from soft bell-like trickling to violent crashing waves.

Awe-inspiring in its strength, delightful with its healing properties, water is a powerful component of us and our planet. Oetken's Water gong is an homage to the strength and sound of this important element.

When this gong is played softly, the vibrations flow mystically in a swirling soothing manner, bubbling and cleansing just as water does, creating a calm soundscape. If the gong is struck swiftly a harmonic oceanic wash rushes outward with an immense dynamic feel.

Broder Oetken handmade his Water Gong based off of the gong of the same name created by Walter Meyer (Oetken's master teacher during his apprenticeship with Paiste). Meyer's version (known as Paiste Sound Creation #4 Water Gong) was 24 inches, while Oetken has several sizes. Broder has sought to explore the soothing sounds of the Water Gong further and experiment with these same principles on a larger scale.

All Oetken's gongs are made from NS12 (nickel silver) also known as Alpaka, a material used in German gong making. This is the same metal and from the same sources that Paiste uses to create their high quality gongs due to its wide-ranging sound and potency.