Gongs of Vietnam

Gongs of Vietnam
For those gong enthusiasts who are prefer something less ornate, we offer the Holding Space circular metal gong stand. Tubular, and light in weight, this gong stand is perfect for light or occasional playing. However, it is not a gong stand for heavy, hard or intense playing.

Minor assembly required. You need to tighten 2 screws!

A portion of each purchase of one of our Vietnamese Gongs goes to help SOLDIER'S HEART. They are a great organization that brings former Vietnam War soldiers back to Vietnam to help with PTSD healing. These connections include meetings with former Vietnamese soldiers and the many spiritual healings that occur when former "enemies" embrace their sameness, not their differences.
Soldier's Heart Website

Gongs Unlimited imports these Gongs directly from Vietnam.

Wanna know something about Vietnamese Gongs?
Sure you do.
Okay, we'll tell you something about Vietnamese Gongs.

Gongs from Vietnam come in two main types: Cong and Chieng. Cong has the bell or nipple, while Chieng does not. Cong Gongs from Vietnam create deep bass sounds, while softer more musical sounds are produced by the Chieng Gongs from Vietnam.

There is joy and mysticism and healing in these gongs. When you play them you feel where we are right now - straddling the past and the future. One leg in each temporal place. Let a Vietnamese Gong help you be in the present as well.

Need some special gongs from Vietnam? We can special order for them. Give us a call at 402-474-GONG.