Bitcoin Unlimited - You Must Contact Us Before BTC Transfers Can Take Place

Bitcoin Unlimited

Coinbase: You can follow the link to learn more about the Coinbase Wallet and BTC transfer system.

Before a transfer can take place you must call +1.402.474.4664 or EMAIL US so we determine shipping costs (domestic or international) and ensure you're getting everything you need.

Transferring BTC to us without prior communication and arrangement could result in a devaluation of BTC before we are able to process the order. This would not be good.

We will only accept BTC during our usual office hours of M-F 10AM-5PM Central Standard Time (CST).

In the event of a decrease in value of BTC during the processing period, (YOU) the buyer resumes responsibility for providing for the difference. We the seller want to prevent this from happening as much as possible, hence our requirement for prior communication.

Due to the unstable nature of the BTC market, and the fact that we are willing to trade world-class and one-of-kind gongs for what some call "Imaginary Internet Points," we believe this temporary policy is a reasonable measure.

We will not ship your order until the BTC transfer has succeeded and has been converted to USD and deposited into our account. We will be using Coinbase, the BTC equivalent of Paypal (with over a million users as of February 2014), for this process.

Gongs Unlimited's BTC payment system is in a trial period. The processing time of your order is dependent upon Coinbase's BTC to USD conversion, or "sell", period.

We recommend using Coinbase's conversion charts,
but you may also use the calculator below to get a rough estimate
of the BTC amount required for your transaction.

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